Catherine Murray, Photographer

About Catherine

Ideas find me wherever I go. They sprout in my back yard, marinate in my home kitchen, follow me through mundane chores, take me around the world. Sometimes the ideas aren’t for me, they’re for a client, a friend, or someone I haven’t even met yet. Ideas are meant to be shared. Photography is how I share them.

I’ve been a professional photographer since 2004. There isn't a formula for the perfect photo, but there is a recipe. The spark of an idea, drive and determination to make it happen, and help from others. With a network of stylists, designers, field experts, and assistants…the projects always come together. It’s not magic, but it might look an awful lot like it.

I'm more than just a person with a camera and my subjects are more than just things to photograph. Photography is purpose and passion. It's creating and collaborating. It's appreciating where we’ve been and where we’re going. It's turning visions into reality. Our lives are so quickly devoured. We forget. Photography helps us remember. 

I live for the smell of cranberry sauce cooking on the stove, endless fields with tiny farmhouses, effortless conversation, sliver moons, the color orange, genuine connections, kitty hugs, and quietly falling snow.


A Brief History

My photography career has seen many incarnations. Here are a few of them.







College Degree in Photography

Photoshop Expert, Digital Tech and Freelance Photographer

Opened Photo Kitchen, a food photography company

Opened Portrait Shoppe, a portrait studio

Opened Black Locust, portraiture to empower women 

Opened Catherine Murray Photo, a full service commercial photography studio







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