What to Expect

  1. There's plenty of space at the studio, it's huge! There's a large dressing room for changing clothes, applying makeup and checking hair. There's also a lobby area with couches and chairs. Of course there are bathrooms, tissues, water, and all those essentials, too. 
  2. The studio runs a little hot or cold depending on the season.  
What should I wear?
  • Choose items you feel like your best self in.

  • Bring a few outfits with you. That way, if you decide your shirt is too red or your jacket is too bulky, you’ll have options. Along with the tips listed below, check out these Pinterest Boards for examples: Women's Headshots and Men's Headshots

  • If you have multiple pairs of glasses, bring them, especially any pairs with anti-glare lenses. Sometimes clients like to be photographed both with and without their glasses on for different look. 

  • Choose outfits that are appropriate for the professional look you want to achieve, even your shoes! 

  • Avoid overwhelming patterns and clothing with noticeable logos or brands, such as Old Navy sweatshirts or concert t-shirts. Consider timeless pieces.

  • It's nice to have a few options ranging from business professional to casual, like wearing a t-shirt and throwing a button down and jacket over it. Bring a few accessory options like cardigans, scarves, necklaces, jackets or hats.

  • Avoid items that wrinkle easily and high necked pieces like turtlenecks or large collars.

  • Iron/Lint Brush your clothing before arriving to the shoot. 

  • Bring a comb and any makeup you might like to refresh.